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Twelve + Clara’s appearance

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Big Fish (2003) - For the adorable Sin 

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favourite character meme

↳ [3/3] emotions - River Song + Love

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I’m the Doctor. Well, they call me the Doctor. I don’t know why. I call me the Doctor too. Still don’t know why.

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Alex bts on ‘The Wedding of River Song’.

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sometimes i see er posts and i want to sit and cry for a few hundred years

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Ruth Hattersley + Outfits (Chasing Shadows, Ep 3/4)

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That’s it. That’s their relationship.

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Fear can make you kind.

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A Series of Unfortunate Events (2004), dir. Brian Silberling

When the children first meet Count Olaf and Jim Carrey says, “Give me the line again,” was not actually in the script, it was Carrey staying in character wanting to try it again, but they kept the cameras rolling and felt it worked the way it happened.

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How the fuck did he get hired there giving his name as “The Doctor”?

Im pretty sure he either used psychic paper or said “fuck it” and just made his own name tag and pretended he was hired.

I have one of those Doctor Who books that gives extra info on stuff and someone made up the application he sent to get hired and you really have to find it and see it because it’s pure gold. He put his age as like 1,200 and crossed it out and put 50 or something then wrote “Is that too high?” and crossed that out too and just wrote 29

I know I already reblogged it, but I had a feeling I’d seen that application IRL, so I dug out my books and went looking.



i cant

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Ruth’s Face ~ ’Chasing Shadows’ S01E03

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